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Our Stories

What is the Most Important Thing We Own?

In our culture, it is easy to become distracted by things. We want a new pair of boots, a nicer dining room table, a European vacation. We take for granted what we already have — our home, our health, our freedom. Being in Haiti filled me with an overwhelming sense of...

Meeting The Challenge

Dear Friends in Christ, I want to share a challenging and rewarding missionary opportunity God has given to me. My first missionary trip was in 2013 to the Haitian Batey in the Dominican Republic. The Batey’s are villages of Haitian sugar cane cutters living in deep...

What Is True Comfort?

My experience of Haiti and its people made me realize that I am at once thankful and challenged to live in this country of plenty. Thankful for material blessings, more aware than ever of my need to share them, and challenged by its comforts that despite their allure,...

Experience of a Life Time

My experience with the people of Haiti, particularly with the children, spoke to me about what Jesus meant when he said, “Blessed are you who are poor for yours is the Kingdom of God”. The broad smiles on the children’s faces, the freedom of their laughter and their wide-eyed amazement in seeing