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Love For One Another

This is My commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you.  13 Greater love has no one than this, than to lay down one’s life for his friends………John 15:12-13

Each One Teach One

You shall teach them to your children, speaking of them when you sit in your house, when you walk by the way, when you lie down, and when you rise up……..Deut 11:19

Impact Their World Today

Together we can build a path for a brighter future, why ” Because the children are a heritage from the Lord The fruit of the womb is a reward……Ps 127:3

Where We Serve

Hand-to Hand Mission began in 2010 as a Christian mission in Haiti to bring aid after the earthquake, primarily in the South-Eastern section of Haiti particularly in Jacmel where we are working with school children and families in very remote villages.

Local Schools

Hand-to-Hand Mission to Haiti, Inc. ‭is a Christian mission called to help the families of Haiti. We primarily serve in the south-eastern section city of ‬Jacmel. We also work with school children and families in very remote villages. Each year we supply seven local school’s essential supplies to help improve the educational opportunities of over 1500 children.


We currently support the La maison des Petits Orphanage located in Carrefour, Haiti. It currently cares for 40 children. The children live in a large modest home with bunk beds, play rooms, dining room, a large yard to play in, all behind large gates and walls to protect the children. Every year we help them with school supplies and school tuition.

Community Neighborhoods

In southern Haiti, it experiences periods of no electricity. Not having reliable power is a problem for families. In our work with the children, dependable lighting often hinders their ability to read and study late into the evening. Thus, impacting their ability to be successful in their studies. Proper lighting not only can improve school performance but provide aid to many tasks of the household.

Study Center

We are currently developing plans to build an after-school study center located in a remote area in Haiti. The study center would provide tutoring and computer training to children and sponsor career awareness programs. It also would provide a place for families to meet as well offer services the entire community could benefit from.

Hand to Hand Mission

Hand-to-Hand Mission to Haiti, Inc. is a faithbase Christian organization called to serve the people of Haiti. Our mission is to provide love, support and resources to assist in the education of the children. From our hand to theirs, we are committed to impact each childs spiritual faith, education studies and future outlook. Together we can make a difference that will result in a  brighter sustainable future.

How We Impact Their World

Our focus is to impact the families of Haiti to receive the right understanding through knowledge, illuminate their path towards success, sustain their growth, prepare a generation to teach the next and care for one another.

Knowledge to Succeed

Families in these areas have such modest income that they are unable to buy even simple school supplies, like pens, pencils and crayons. Our mission is to continue to bring school supplies for their continued education each year. The hope is to see children further their education to college and technical schools, to become wonderful contributors to their communities.

Illuminate Their Path

Fifteen hundred solar lanterns were distributed to school children last year to replace the need for them to use dangerous kerosene lanterns and candles. A solar lantern in a modest home brings light to an entire room allowing other children and family members to function longer into the evening. This sets a priority which allows the children to finish homework in the evening instead of waking early to finish their study in the morning light.

Fun, Excerise and Comradery

Athletic Equipment- Soccer is the number one sport in Haiti and it’s a great way to develop skills such as team work, discipline, practice, and good physical activity. The soccer can be used in organized sports or just playing ball with their family or friends in the neighborhood. We distributed 1000 soccer balls and our future goals are for sponsors to provide shoes (a priority as many are playing barefoot) and other soccer or athletic gear.

Clothing for Success

Clothing- Uniforms are required for all schools in the area, but the children also need clothes and shoes for after school play, relaxation, and to do their chores. We bring donations and target the distribution for the children in the tent schools where there is no electricity, often no running water and children wear whatever their family has available even if the shoes are worn out.

Sustain Their Growth

After the earthquake hit Haiti, food supplies became hard to acquire. Many had to rebuild homes and pick up the pieces of their lives and families. We bring rice and beans, and cooking oil to needy families to provide nourishment.

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You Can Make the Difference But How

Hand to Hand Mission to Haiti needs your help. But the Families of Haiti need you even more. First, we need your love and prayers for those who are poor in spirit. But also your giving of your time, resources and financial commitment to place the right tool in their hand to enable their future to be bright.